Magnify Marketing has been fortunate enough to work on the new menu for the World Famous American Bar at the five star Savoy on The Strand. Now 125 years old this venue was serving drinks the same year the Eiffel Tower was finished!

Now as if this was not pressure enough to get the new menu right then there was another type of pressure that was my Nan.

Whilst she sadly left us a while back, her memory lives on and the Savoy was the place she held above all others. Whilst a hard working Londoner all her life, the Savoy was a rare treat for those very special occasions and became the bench mark for all others. We lost count of the times we heard that where she had just been was “good, but it was no Savoy”

Therefore working on the menu became so much more than just a print and design job.

The end result looks fantastic and we now have a signed copy by the head of the American Bar proudly hanging in our office.

I think Nan would be happy.