Last week the Magnify team visited the grand opening of Walkabout in Brighton. Expectations were high following the visit to a newly refurbished Bristol venue last month showing off a ‘new look’ Walkabout. The brand identity had seamlessly changed whilst still keeping the laid back Australian vibe. A classier outfit all round.

Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised at just how close it is from the iconic beachfront – just a pebble’s throw away. The expectations we had were met as we strolled into the venue bustling with excited customers. Crisp TV content was made visible at every glance ranging from sport to surfing to sales. The bar was waiting stocked up with the finest Australian imports – VB, Carlton Draught and Bundaberg to name a few. If you’re visiting a Walkabout I would definitely recommend trying one of these deliciously crisp beers, if there’s one thing Australians know it’s how to produce a delightful thirst quenching beverage.

The venue had everything you need for a bar that’s meant for chilling with friends one night and watching a huge sporting event the next. Over 20 screens around the place meant not a moment of the PDC Darts final was missed – and I’m not even a huge fan. That’s the beauty of having different content on different screens – you get more than you bargained for when queuing at the bar. The large dance area with a band playing was a nice distraction from spending all of the complimentary drinks vouchers in the first hour. The adaptable floor area could seat you for ‘a ‘Roo burger for two’ or provide a large area to have a ‘dance with a bewdy’. Adaptability is a huge factor in running a successful bar, especially in such a cultured area like Brighton. Amongst all of these fantastic features, it was the beer garden that impressed the most. A pleasant spot with a small bar that the sun will shine on throughout a sunny British summer (fingers crossed), made for a great scene amongst the town houses surrounding the area. Large beanbags and traditional benches make for a laid back area that should set Walkabout out from the rest of the bars when summer is finally here.

So overall a successful venue and one that’ll make the trip from London to Brighton definitely worth the while in future.