Morrison’s create store environment

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Supermarkets generate loyalty like nothing else, where else would you get statements like “I’m a Waitrose person” or “Sainsbury’s all the way” so breaking these habits you really have to go some.  Morrison’s, following the purchase of Safeway began their south invasion a while back but even with heavy advertising alot of people did not really get it.  It had some great point of differences but to break peoples habits is no easy task in such a competitive market.  The first opportunity came with the horse meat scandal, and with one of the best traceability and sourcing in its market place Morrison’s was suddenly laughing all the way compared to its competitors.

The second big point of difference is there store environment.  Market street as its called groups together a high st under one roof but with people who know about the products they are selling, not just filling shelves.  These come in the format of fish mongers, butchers and bakers.  With the boom in cookery programmes this works as customers now know what cuts to ask for.

The real draw for me however is the way that the first thing you see in some of the new stores is well presented fruit and veg in a chiller cabinet pumping out dry ice.  Carrots will never look the same!

Well presented and eye catching its a real feature and a statement of quality.

This trick of merchandising sets your whole aspirations for the store as you journey through and highlights the freshness of produce which in turns builds trust with the customer – which today is key.

Following a career with Scottish & Newcastle, Slug & Lettuce and the Spirit group Paul formed Magnify marketing in 2005. Its aim to be a leading customer communications agency for the leisure and hospitality industry. Magnify Marketing has grown supporting large national organisations as well as leading edge independents. Proud of our team and work we always look to add value at every turn and be fun to work with..... as life is too short to be miserable!

We are Magnify Marketing

We passionately believe that engaging communication is a real source of business success in the leisure, retail and hospitality markets.

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