Muriel’s Video

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Magnify Marketing are proud to present this promotional video about Muriel’s kitchen. We have been lucky enough to work and develop this concept from day one and this video highlights why it was nominated for best new concept of the year. A joy to work with this really is a labour of love….and the foods amazing!

Check out the video below…..

Welcome to Muriel’s Kitchen


Following a career with Scottish & Newcastle, Slug & Lettuce and the Spirit group Paul formed Magnify marketing in 2005. Its aim to be a leading customer communications agency for the leisure and hospitality industry. Magnify Marketing has grown supporting large national organisations as well as leading edge independents. Proud of our team and work we always look to add value at every turn and be fun to work with..... as life is too short to be miserable!

We are Magnify Marketing

We passionately believe that engaging communication is a real source of business success in the leisure, retail and hospitality markets.

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