We offer a range of products and services that work together to ensure that we offer everything required to move sport forward.

You may require a few elements or the whole range – Our aim is to work seamlessly with existing teams, your agencies and suppliers to get the most from your sport activations.

Our work is split into four areas – Core, Digital, Activations and Events.


We call our key services to our client’s core, for which their sports delivery is based! This includes planning for the key sports, briefing sites both weekly and monthly on what is coming up sports wise and is tailored to the subscriptions the sites have (i.e. BT, Sky, PPV). Magnify ranks the importance of each fixture and aligns this with a simple set of rules so that venues know exactly what to do based on the size of fixture to activate a great experience consistently, even for the GM who is not a massive sports fan.


Digital is now so important to marketing and Magnify ensures it understands and utilises all of the digital channels, working them together to ensure a consistent quality message is achieved. Our blend of digital is one of the areas that makes Magnify unique.

Social Media

Not only do we create and manage the sports content but for many clients we provide their social media voice as we write, post, comment and respond on their behalf. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are just some of the formats we are happy to work on. We schedule and manage the sports content, so you know a consistency of impactful, accurate sports message is going out.


The new standard is a responsive site that is content led giving you the best chance to move up through the all so important google rankings. Built on tested templates our sites do not just look good but deliver excellent results as well.

Screen Management

Working with all the main screen companies, Magnify ensures your sports pre-promotion is scheduled and appearing on screens in venues. In addition to fixtures, screen content is created to support pre-match build up that is great and helping build atmosphere.


Using your database Magnify can design, copy write and send engaging E-shots to your customers, talking about the big games they do not want to be missing out on. 


If you want to show your customers your passionate about sport, a blog is a great thing to have, but it must be updated regularly! Good sports content then can be shared by your social platforms – We can do this for you! 


A quality consistent style for your venues is really important – You would not have a different name on your menus than your pub sign – And so your printed material and A-boards should be consistent with the styles that you show on your screens, Social and websites. Magnify creates striking sporting images as well as utilising supplier assets making sure your communicating sport to the very highest standards. 


Magnify deliver sport activations that bring to life big ticket items like the Euro’s as well as key date events as well as niche sports. Managing all elements, including supplier support. Getting the most from your suppliers and your sporting opportunities has never been more important.


Magnify Marketing Partnerships

Bringing like-minded companies together who are looking to target the same audience or occasion to us has always seemed obvious. Budgets go further, reach increases and win-win situation are always achieved. Magnify has brought together a number of partnerships together and has ensured that the marketing achieved more bang for its buck. Magnify also works hand in hand with all the major drinks suppliers, bringing activations to life and driving sales of product through focus.


Magnify Marketing Events

Events are what make a venue stand out and create talking points with customers. They also can create amazing social content that is unique to your venue or brand. Magnify can arrange all elements of this, including sourcing talent.

Case Studies

Contact us to receive case studies of the work that interests you.