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Lowlander are an independent bar and brasserie located in London.  They are recognised as a specialist of premium beer, mainly from the Low Countries (Belgium & Netherlands).

Lowlander stock over 100 bottled beer products and up to 30 on draught.

Every month we introduce a new variety of beer in our series of  monthly videos – Beer of the Month.

Each month we position a member of the Lowlander team to discuss the next month’s.

Lowlander are widely praised for their knowledgeable and helpful staff so their appearance in the videos goes a long way to satisfying the viewer and the beer connoisseur.


View our Beer of the Month videos


In venue we have also distributed the below ‘beer guide’ which provides visitors with a basic insight into the featured products.  The guide also encourages the reader to book a beer tasting experience.



I’d definitely recommend this just as an advocate of the brand as opposed to it’s client.  As a fan of premium beer, I’m yet to find anywhere else that offers a similar experience to Lowlander and with its heart-of-the-city location, I doubt there are too many better alternatives.



We also recently revamped the Lowlander website to better reflect its progressive brand.  The new site showcases an aesthetically appealing representation of the venue that highlights its products, services and atmosphere effectively.



Visit the Lowlander Website

Like Lowlander on facebook



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We are Magnify Marketing

We passionately believe that engaging communication is a real source of business success in the leisure, retail and hospitality markets.

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