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The Princess Victoria is a traditional English pub located just off Kensington High St.  Following a history of change the new owners transformed it making it far more comfortable and aspirational.

Whilst the insides and upstairs were transformed the venue still lacked the ability to drive footfall, which is where Magnify came to have a look.

Following a marketing review it was found that

although the venue itself was great, the external awareness and customer journey experience were holding it back. It also had a lack of consistent branding that ran through the venue.

These issues were addressed one by one to drive change to this business with so much potential.

Externally the venue had confusing messaging that had little impact.

Therefore following a branding exercise a consistent approach was used to capture external awareness.

This was achieved by improved A-board messaging (changeable for day to night) wall boards and improved menu box.

A new menu was created to have more impact in the pub.


The improved layout was designed to increase spend as well as reinforce the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen.

The back bar was merchandised to present itself better and encourage customer purchase.

The venue had a great upstairs but the entrance to it was quite small, so bar communication was created to highlight the fantastic space upstairs.

Finally the venue had screens that were underused so a series of communication was created to use them to better effect whilst still in keeping with the premium environment.

The internal changes whilst having a positive effect was not the full story.  The new changes had to be communicated to its wider audience.

Therefore local hotels without dining facilities were identified (within walking distance) and offered incentives to encourage their guests to dine at the venue.

To target local residents a bespoke mailer was produced with an incentive to visit.

Like many locations although you can be round the corner if you are not on your neighbours regular route to the shop or station they may not event know you are their!

All these changes individually do not make a difference, but a lot of changes made at the same time do.  The venue enjoyed new customers coming through the door which has made a positive impact on the business.

To view this case study as an e-book please click below;

Following a career with Scottish & Newcastle, Slug & Lettuce and the Spirit group Paul formed Magnify marketing in 2005. Its aim to be a leading customer communications agency for the leisure and hospitality industry. Magnify Marketing has grown supporting large national organisations as well as leading edge independents. Proud of our team and work we always look to add value at every turn and be fun to work with..... as life is too short to be miserable!

We are Magnify Marketing

We passionately believe that engaging communication is a real source of business success in the leisure, retail and hospitality markets.

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