Why your venue should be on Google Plus

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Reading an article on Forbes satisfied my recent curiosities about the benefit of businesses getting on board with Google Plus.


Google is very good with integrating its services and apps into one account which in theory should encourage users to utilise the google+ service to their benefit from a social media perspective. The problem is that facebook still dominate the social web and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future rendering google plus relatively insignificant in terms of building a community of brand advocates.


Google’s strengths currently lie elsewhere, notably their search engine dominance and business solutions although with the ability to intertwine their services, google have provided a solution to at least make Google Plus an attractive proposition to businesses with the revelation that registering your business on the platform would improve your business’s SEO performance.


Do you ever get the impression no one is on Google Plus? That it’s utterly devoid of the vast audience that makes Facebook so powerful? That’s exactly why you should get involved now, says consultant Linda Sherman, who is also the past CEO of ClubMed Japan. “People who are ignoring it are falling behind,” she told me in a recent interview. “You can leap ahead” by engaging, just as early Twitter adopters won huge audiences as more people discovered the service. Dorie Clark – Forbes


We put this theory to the test recently with one of our clients.  We had just built their new website using a new domain.  This required us to perform some foundation tactics to establish their site to search engine audiences.  Initially the impact it was having was minor, this was until we took a step to register the business on google +.  A week later, the site was number one on the search engine results page.


With google’s growing impact on the mobile and tablet market, google + is only going to grow and with it will become a more integral part of the Android operating system.  Even if you’re not on there to engage in too much social activity, it could really improve your business’s visibility by just setting up a fully optimised business page.


Google’s review service that is integrated into google plus is also becoming more popular ever since its partnership with Zagat and this could rival TripAdvisor seriously in the near future making this another important avenue to navigate your customer relationship management.  It’s ultimately another reason why your business can’t ignore Google.


If you’re unsure how to get started, please get in touch with us at Magnify.


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